Make the Most of Your TransAct Merchant Services Account To Stand Out


Make the most of your TransAct merchant services to stand out in your industry and better serve your customers.  Your account includes access to enhanced digital payment processing that makes it easier, simpler and more secure for clients to pay for services.

Eliminating the need to be in the office, your account offers business owners the ability to offer a wide variety of digital payment methods available to your customers 24/7/365.

TransAct knows that your business needs to be able to be flexible and offer easy payment systems to help your customers feel safer, more secure and address their concerns for health and well-being. More businesses are moving to contactless payments, digital processing and touchless methods.

Your account services include the latest in digital payment processing including EFT, E-check, E-credit card, and ACH as well as secure one-time payment links that can be e-mailed or texted. You also have the ability to issue E-invoices with streamlined connectivity to QuickBooks to reduce paperwork and the time needed for timely bookkeeping, while simplifying the efforts of your accountant or bookkeeper. This saves you time and money, freeing up resources to assist customers with anything and everything they may need from you now.

Your account can be set up with these features in a matter of minutes. Or, if you are unsure of what systems you have in place, contact us to walk you through how to use the tools you have.

We know many offices are short handed today, whether due to staff furloughs, team who can’t work due to self-quarantine, or complications with continued lack of child care due to lock down and state-mandated closures of preschools and day care centers.

This time isn’t easy, but you can stand out and begin to seamlessly offer contactless payment options that meet and exceed your customer’s expectations. Learn more today.