Land of The Free and the Home of the Brave

We are so proud to be an American company and to have the freedoms living here grants us. This is the land of the free and the home of the brave.

In more ways than one we are grateful that we are fortunate to be able to be free to make choices, and at the same time, celebrating all of you who are brave enough to own a business.

All of you brave business owners out there, remember that Independence Day is on Saturday but it is also being observed Friday July 3rd. That means, some, but not all banks are closed on both Friday and Saturday. (Check your local bank to be aware of their schedule and how that might impact your business.)

Then, be sure to take some time off to celebrate all that you have achieved. You deserve it.

We salute you, we salute America and appreciate your choosing us, an independent business, as your merchant services provider.

Happy Independence Day 2020!