Retail Merchant Services

Cut-Rate Merchant Processing Fees Are Great—If You Don’t Mind Losing Money in the Long Run

The retail payment processing and merchant services industry is highly competitive. Vendors are constantly trying to win your business or to lure it away from somebody else.

It’s Not a Commodity Even If It’s Priced Like One

Many retail business owners believe that payment processing is a commodity. That’s why the lure of low fees works so well. Businesses try to cut costs wherever they can, and retail payment systems are often one of the places they start.

But the truth is that payment processing is not a commodity—it’s a critical business function—and the reality is that you ultimately get what you pay for. And in the case of highly discounted payment processing services, you don’t get very much.

The True Cost of Low-Cost Retail Payment Processing

Many retail credit card processing companies offer low rates and a lot of fine print, only to raise those rates shortly after the contract starts. And since there’s a contract in place, once you sign up, you’re locked in. Other processors skimp on service. They do the bare minimum—if that—despite the fact that the ability to process payments quickly and efficiently is critical to the success of your business.

The bottom line is that cheap, inefficient payment processing systems wind up costing you money—and customers—in the long run. It’s simply bad for your business.

Payment Processing Systems That Work

TransAct is one of the top retail merchant services companies in the nation for a reason—our solutions work. We look at every aspect of your business and how you operate it to come up with a payment processing solution that is a perfect fit for you.

We won’t force anything, however. If after we talk we don’t think it’s a good fit, we’ll tell you that—upfront. If you become our customer, you will have a single dedicated point of contact who will be your go-to resource for all of your payment processing questions, problems, and solutions. As your business changes and develops so should your payment processing solutions.

TransAct is different for a lot of reasons:

  • Payment processing system customized for your business
  • We are payment processing experts with years of consultative experience
  • There is never a contract or termination fee—period
  • We add value to our solutions at every step of the way
  • Our retail POS equipment is state-of-the-art
  • A single point of contact to answer your questions and manage your account

Let Us Help You Make More Money

We are confident that our retail merchant account solutions can make you more money. Make us prove it. Get in touch to schedule a no-cost payment processing audit, or simply to find out more information about how we can help put more dollars onto your bottom line.

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