TransAct POS Systems

TransAct offers our clients and the business community the benefits of our history in supporting them with the right equipment at the right prices, based on your requirements.

Tired of equipment that really is not the right fit for your business? It either has too much functionality, not enough, is proprietary or is priced beyond your budget? OR Cannot find anyone to support your system and help you when you need it most?


The first step in understanding a POS system is not too look for one until you know what you want the POS system to do.  We have developed an leading edge method to uncover just what you need automated without all of the cumbersome internet and google searching:

  • What is the size of your establishment
  • What is the function within your establishement
  • Casual Dining
  • Fine Dining
  • QSR/Café
  • Bar
  • So many more……

Features of one of our QSR/café Recommendations:

How many areas or check out stations do you need?:

Let us bundle the hardware together for each station so that it includes:

  • POS System
  • Cash Drawer
  • Printer and all the cables


The system is compact, yet able to compete with any POS that will cost 10 times as much. The 9.7” capacitive touch screen is clear and crisp. The system is EMV compliant and secures the card when it is swiped. We built in a powerful and quiet printer and a wide and easy to read customer display. All of this sits on top of a high quality 5 bill cash drawer.

Which POS is right for you?  Contact one of our consultants today and let us help decipher all those offerings and narrow them down to just a few.

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