Loyalty Matters – 7 Ways You Can Provide Value

Loyalty matters more now to companies, here are 7 ways you can provide value to your customers and the community, but not all of them involve discounting your products or services.

  • New products made available to loyalty customers ahead of other customers
  • Special hours of operation for loyalty club members
  • For example: Private shopping events or priority seating
  • Special products only available to loyalty club members
  • Gift card offers Buy One Get One – the additional one is free, but redeemable at a later time
  • For example: Buy One for $25/ Get One for $5
  • Offer customers to purchase products and add on or offer a portion of sales as a donation for local charities
  • For example – donating money to buy lunches for “Healthcare Heroes”
  • Extra loyalty points earned on purchases
  • Buy Gift Card for 80%

Make the most of your communications on your social media sites, website and with e-mail marketing. Share ways that your customers can enjoy benefits from your loyalty program. Vary offers, keep in touch and share the news on a regular basis. Stay relevant and in tune with your customers and followers even if they can’t come in for your products and services as often as they used to before the pandemic hit the country.

There are many ways that you can provide appreciation as you are reopening and expanding back into normal hours of operations. If you want some more ideas on how to leverage your current client base, update your loyalty and branded gift card programs to align with what customers need and want now. E-mail your TransAct account manager how you can take advantage of the services available to you now.

If you don’t have a branded loyalty or gift card program, find out how to implement one as part of your TransAct Merchant Services account today.