HIPAA Compliant Payment Processing

TransAct Ensures Your Credit Card Processing is HIPAA Compliant

Maintaining HIPAA compliant payment processing can be a major headache, but failure to do so can be catastrophic. Healthcare and medical services providers are prime targets for those looking to steal sensitive health information. It is essential to protect and secure personal data for your business, practice partners, and your patients.

At TransAct, we live and breathe all things related to credit card processing and digital payments. We will give you a complete risk assessment and management plan to ensure your payment processing and other financial transactions and merchant services are fully compliant with HIPAA standards.

HIPAA and Compliance Audits

HIPAA compliance audits are required by federal law, and are based on OCR (Office of Civil Rights) protocols that are continuously updated and enforced. HIPAA has specific audit guidelines, safeguard requirements, and consequences for non-compliance.

HIPAA guidelines are focused on policies, training, and processes. All health care providers need to make sure they are meeting these requirements and verifying they are HIPAA compliant on a regular basis.

The Penalties for Non-Compliance

HIPAA holds healthcare providers accountable for protecting patient information under federal law. Failure to meet HIPAA compliance guidelines can result in significant fines, and potentially even jail time. Regular review of your records, payment processing and data security is recommended.

There are many options available for medical and healthcare providers when it comes to payment processing. Check out the full array of options for your practice here.

Support Beyond Payment Processing

While we are not HIPAA experts, we are 100% focused on secure payment processing that help you keep your Electronic Health Records and EMRs up to date with the latest requirements. If you would like to read more on a related topic, please check out our info page on PCI compliance and standards.

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