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How do I benefit by working with TransAct from a Consulting Perspective?

Consulting according to Wikipedia, ‘A consultant is a professional who provides expert advice in a particular area…’ So, I wanted to share with you the benefits our current clients receive when they work with us from a consultant’s viewpoint.

I did not begin my career in the merchant services world. However, over the last 15 years TransAct merchant services clients have benefited from our mission of customer service that came from growing up in a family owned and operated business.

My education and training on various technology platforms as I started my career in IT led me to establish a new type of merchant services and payment processing business. As a business owner myself, I believe you deserve the right information to make a good decision for your business. My team takes the time to educate, break down complicated components and explain the process in a simple, straightforward way.

As your next merchant services vendor, we will present you with the details, the options and expert knowledge to help you make decisions to select a merchant services provider that suits your business. We will recommend any necessary hardware and software products that are appropriate for your business to meet your requirements for efficient payment processing.

~ Our founder, Mary Ann Robinson

At TransAct, our approach is simple. We start with a conversation. Our payment processing consultants want to get to know you and what you are looking for from a new merchant services provider or new payment processing systems, software and/or hardware.

Currently Working With a Payment Processor

For example, if you are currently working with a payment processor, we want to learn more about what your needs are in a new provider.

  • We may ask questions like:
    • “What do you not like about your current company?”
    • “Why are you looking to change?”
  • We routinely hear from our clients:
    • They do not want to spend 20 minutes or more on hold waiting for a quick answer.
    • They did not like being billed merchant fees that can’t be explained.
    • They wanted to speak to someone – a real person – not just correspond via email and/or spend hours going back and forth to have a question answered or a problem resolved.
    • They don’t want to wait on hold or have to go through a series of delay tactics before they can talk to a real person.
    • They wanted to know how we communicate Charge Back information – Faxes and USPS mail no longer work for their business.
    • They believe they were losing money or spending too much on fees.

Selecting & Using a New POS System

Are you wondering how to select a new POS System, or how to use the new POS System you recently purchased?

  • TransAct works with clients that have selected their first POS System simply through a word of mouth referral or by Googling it. After the fact, they quickly learn of the complexities, lack of support services, or expensive training after they purchased the POS hardware, and had it installed.
  • TransAct helps clients evaluate 3 or more POS Systems based on a consultative approach with a series of conversations and a simple set of questions, that get us started:
    • What is best for your business – feature set, reporting, online or remote processing?
    • How do you work today – how do you want to work with the system?
    • What are your needs from the POS?
    • What is your budget?
  • We work with clients from a very different approach bundling our industry experience and knowledge to become a hands-on consultant in POS System selection.
  • We help find out the answers to the critical questions for each system considered:
    • What type of onboarding and training does each POS vendor provide?
    • Is there a cost for initial training?
    • How many hours are available/is there a limited in time (months after purchase, total hours?)
    • Is there a fee for additional training if needed?
    • What happens if I need to expand beyond one location?

New to Merchant Processing

If you are new to merchant processing, or a new business owner and need to start accepting credit cards and digital payments, our credit card processing consultants are here to help.

TransAct works with aspiring business owners or those who have decided to move away from accepting just cash and checks. Many of our clients have been just where you are, deciding to add the convenience and simplicity of credit card processing to their payment methods. It is easier and more accessible than you think.

Whether you need to accept credit cards via a chip-enabled, contactless terminal or seeking more robust data from a Point of Sale system, TransAct has many options for reliable and secure processing equipment. We offer a hands-on approach with training, onboarding support, and a live help desk to get you up and running with your new merchant services account. Looking to choose the best POS for your industry, just ask. We can walk you through a variety of systems with a robust feature set that include integrated inventory management, e-mail marketing, customer database, and even seamless connectivity to accounting and bookkeeping tools like QuickBooks.

All new clients enjoy the ability to choose TransAct with no risk because we never require a long-term contract and we always share the details of exactly what to expect so that you can budget and plan for the future.

It’s time to grow with a TransAct secure and simple merchant services account.

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