POS & Ecommerce Integration

Online & Offline Retail Solutions

Using the POS system at your retail store, restaurant or service-based business can help you to create an e-commerce solution for your business. We help our retail, restaurant, even spa and salon owners to leverage the tools available in their POS to create an integrated, inventory-capable website that can help with revenue generation 24/7/365.

With an e-commerce compatible POS system, setting up an online store or online platform to book and purchase services is easy. Back-end management of online products and services allows for automatic updates to retail items available in store. Keep prices and products aligned and in-sync both online and in your physical location.

TransAct helps retail and restaurant business owners find the best POS and e-commerce integration to serve their customers and deliver products even if customers cannot come in to shop, pick up food, buy gifts, or schedule and/or pay for services. We also offer built-in automatic recurring billing for online subscription services that can be managed easily from your POS system.

We have implemented solutions for retailers, from boutiques, to gift shops, bookstores, home decor, and more, in addition to spa and personal care service businesses like hair salons who have retail items or want to allow online scheduling from home. Restaurants have created online menus, order forms, and delivery scheduling that eliminates the need for a customer to call to place an order. Online payments save on transaction fees through our secure, online payment processing.

If you do not have POS integration with e-commerce built-in, we have solutions to support and integrate with many POS systems to create a simple, secure, and safe e-commerce platform that ties into your QuickBooks accounting and bookkeeping systems, too.

With TransAct POS friendly, e-commerce systems clients are able to update inventory, item sizing, and descriptions from the retail store, or from a remote location if not on site. Many of our POS systems have real-time inventory management tools that update the e-commerce site as soon as an item is purchased.

Other features include:

  • Shipping label integration with CRM features of the POS System
  • Scheduling and Membership management
  • Updating social media and online marketing posts
  • Integrated E-mail marketing
  • Uploading photos of your local inventory
  • Making merchandising online friendly

POS Integration With All Major E-commerce Systems

TransAct Merchant Services can interface with all major e-commerce systems. We offer the flexibility and easy integration of processors like Stripe, Square and PayPal, but with the service and care of a local service provider.

Some major platforms we work with include:

E-commerce Platforms

Content Management Systems & Website Builders

Event Registration & Membership Programs

E-commerce POS Systems & Other Online Payment Programs

In addition to these payment programs, we offer support for hundreds of other platforms and can customize a solution to fit your needs.

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