Touchless Apple Pay Terminal

Back to Business Is As Easy As Wave, Tap or Click

Getting back to business is as easy as wave, tap or click. When considering the wide variety of options for contactless payments, there are many.  Some work with equipment or POS hardware you already own. All of them work with your TransAct merchant account.

The first step is to ensure that all software updates have been completed to activate new features, but we will have to verify that you are set up on the back end to process payments properly, too.

So, contactless payments – how does it work?

Wave. Use proximity readers or credit cards that act as a proximity card. The customer must be within a certain distance from the point of sale but distant from the clerk at the check out counter in your place of business. This includes using either a smart phone with a compatible operating system such as Apple iOS or Android enabled to make payments, or credit cards with the “wave” symbol on the front.

Tap. While not 100% contactless, this option does the trick because it does not require your employee to touch the customer’s card. The customer can simply tap on the payment card reader device, pay for their purchase and be on their way. If you have taken it one step further with your POS system or loyalty program, they can also automatically receive an e-mail or text receipt whichever you allow, or they have chosen.

Click. Two options work for click to pay. First, is in person, when the customer inserts their chip enabled card. Once the click is heard, the payment is being processed. No other requirements to touch the system needed (depending on your preferred settings.) Second, remote payment via one of the various – and popular – digital payment options. These allow for simple click to pay on a secure payment portal after the amount due is sent via e-invoice, e-mail or text.

Contactless payment options have become the standard today and customers are looking for these systems in their preferred retailers, restaurants and service providers. For the latter, if an employee has to come to their home (such as lawn service or painting) or they complete work remotely (accounting and tax professionals) everything is touch free.

While there may have been hesitation to update or upgrade systems in the past, now is the perfect time to adapt to meet the growing request for contactless payment systems. Our hardware solutions vary and we are ready to help you evaluate what you need. Choose the best options for your business with employees working securely, efficiently and effectively, while also keeping customers and employees safe.

Contact us to learn more, or schedule to review options for your business now.