Business Development & Consulting

TransAct offers one on one consultative support to help clients improve their business, increase revenues, and decrease expenses as a start. Then, diving deeper into the needs of the business owner, TransAct leadership team acts as a business mentor and coach to new business owners and existing businesses alike. If you are seeking to improve your services, increase your revenues and further develop your business, TransAct offers business development and consulting tailored to your business, industry and short or long term goals.

Why Transact Business Consulting Guidelines?

Mary Ann RobinsonOver the past 15 years I have effectively network with over 10,000 business owners, selected and deselected vendors, made referral partner introductions that have lead to millions of dollars in transactional dollars and built effective chapter networks for business professionals.

I have long lived by and learned by two mantra’s in business:

I don’t know what I don’t know and typically a business mistake costs money that results in policies and/or procedural changes that can help prevent future reoccurrences of the same mistake. So how have these simple guidelines effected the way I approach running a business and how does that translate into our consultative services?

~ Mary Ann Robinson

The first step in any business ownership consultation is setting the expectations like

  • What are you hoping to accomplish if we work together?
  • Where are you at in your business?
  • Where would you like to be in the next month, next two months etc.
  • Why are you looking for help?
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