Merchant Services Training & Onboarding

Training and onboarding support are available with your TransAct account.

With TransAct you have two options for merchant services training and support:

  1. Training and support for POS systems purchased and installed through another company.
  2. Training and support for your merchant services account and any POS systems that we help you choose, install and implement for your business.

Regardless of the scenario, your business falls into from above, TransAct continues to provide assistance for clients in all areas of merchant accounts and credit card processing training as part of your service, including:

  • resetting passwords
  • how to assign user privileges
  • report generation
  • how to issue e-invoices
  • QuickBooks integration
  • setting up unique logins for staff with approved access to the system
  • how to remove a terminated employee
  • assistance with chargebacks
  • how to process a refund
  • setting up recurring billing and automated payments
  • how to set up an EFT
  • verification of merchant statements
  • collecting an e-payment
  • completing PCI compliance surveys
  • daily expected deposits
  • resolving authorized holds
  • and much more…

We are ready to guide, educate and assist our clients with business payment needs.

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