Transact provides Small to Medium organizations the services and rates that are competitive to what Fortune 500 companies are offered.

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Stop letting complicated billing issues hurt your practice.

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HIPAA & PCI compliant

Maintaining HIPAA and PCI compliance can be a major headache, but failure to do so can be catastrophic. Healthcare providers are prime targets for those looking to steal sensitive financial information, and the need to protect and secure this data is critical for your business and your patients.

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TransAct offers our clients and the business community the benefits of our history in supporting them with the right equipment at the right prices, based on your requirements. We understand your financial needs, the privacy issues, compliance requirements, and the demands of balancing your time to best serve your business.

We make the transition of working with TransAct, new equipment and processes, easy, safe and as inexpensive as possible to limit expenses and overhead.

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If you’re not accessing the full potential of your credit card processing efforts, we can help. Call TransAct today at 800-335-6717 for a free assessment of your credit card processing program and we can start getting you on track.

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Transact is who I work with and they have been a huge help for me – simply integrating one of their free payment buttons to the bottom of my web page has allowed me to get paid usually the day of invoicing, sometimes within minutes! J.C
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