Contactless Mobile Payments

Activate Contactless Payments Now

Are you using contactless payment methods for your business? What is holding you back? If you think that you have to make a major investment, think again. All* of our clients can activate contactless payments now through their TransAct merchant services account already in place.

Where are contactless payments accepted?

The answer is, pretty much everywhere. Retailers and restaurants get big attention, but of all the places out there, the most important one is your business.

According to Visa, over two-thirds of small businesses have made additions to their payment methods this year. These updates included adding e-Commerce, online payment options, and making simple software modifications to their Point Of Sale Systems to meet the needs of customers with contactless payment options.

These changes made by business owners further address the card brand’s study that showed 8 out of 10 customers want contactless options, and they want them now.

Contactless payments – a growing trend and here to stay.

While this trend had been growing steadily for the last few years – not surprisingly mostly among Millennials and those under the age of 40 – in the last year, digital payments are being requested by customers of all ages. Yes, even the Baby Boomers!

If you can accept chipped cards now, you can offer completely contactless payments. If somebody shows up to pick up their order or purchases but hasn’t pre-paid, you can offer them a variety of options to help them pay quickly.

Choose from tap to pay, touch-free chip readers, wave to pay (which has been around for a decade or so), or sending a payment link via e-mail or text. Even better – you probably do not need to add new hardware.

Whether you own a service-based company, a retail store, restaurant, or professional or medical office, you can accept advance payments through a variety of options using Transact Merchant Services.

Why are you waiting to offer contactless card payments?

Let’s face it, if you’ve been reliant on a system where you have to wipe and sanitize the keypad, you are probably getting tired of this, and so is your team. Even if you have a simple terminal, you have access to implement contactless features through your TransAct merchant services account that can eliminate or reduce this need. Plus, they have more important things to do that can help drive revenues, and you can save on the added expenses of supplies too.

If you have a POS System, you may choose to make minor upgrades to make it more convenient, or to allow for more transactions to occur concurrently. Adding multiple points of payment with additional devices, through the same system and merchant account you have now offers customers confidence, security, flexibility, fast payment processing and remains PCI compliant.

For retailers, this could be on the sales floor, outside for sidewalk sales or bringing the payment device right to the customer in their car. Restaurant owners are adding these for use in the dining room, at the front counter, host stand, and outdoors for diners at the restaurant as well as for curbside pick up. Professional and medical offices are using the same types of hand held devices that field-based service companies have used for years.

You have contactless payment system options

Now you know that contactless payment system options are available on terminals and full POS Systems. While there are differences between these hardware and software systems you can offer touch-free payments on either.

Thinking of upgrading from a terminal to a POS System? You can learn more in an earlier blog that discusses the merits of both, but you may not need to make this investment now.

We can help you evaluate what is right for your business.

* We think all of our clients have this option today, however if you haven’t made any updates to your software or hardware in recent years, you may have a few more steps to take. Contact us today to find out what you need to do.