TransAct is Big on Shop Small

Local Shopping and Supporting the Community

Many of our clients are sharing their experiences with us this season with customers following the trends of local shopping and supporting the community in which they live. What’s more, this trend is looking like it will continue into Q1 2021. We are helping our clients get and be prepared for the next several months in their business operations.

How to Make it Easy to Shop Local

Beyond “Shop Small All Season Long” some of the tactics that the retailers and restaurants are doing have helped bring in new customers and bring back loyal (and maybe even currently lapse) consumers. These are all things that you can do today using your TransAct merchant services support and software.

  • Add text or e-mail receipts.
  • Add EFT payment options for contactless pick-up.
  • Add an online payment link to your website.
  • Add pre-payment for faster curbside delivery.
  • Add special loyalty points or rewards for customers for their holiday season.
  • Add a one-time offer for use any time this season, or earn one when they make a purchase.

Other features you may want to consider can be discussed with us on how to execute. We can work with you to establish new features and activate services that you may not have used in the past (or, refresh you on training if not used in a while). For our POS System clients, there are also new tools that are becoming available every day that you may want to take into consideration to implement soon.

E-commerce integration, digital payments and cashless payment options are more in demand and they are not going away. If you were waiting for time to implement, the time is now – we can schedule you this month or the next two according to your bandwidth this holiday season.

We hope you are having a good start to your Shop Small and Shop Local Season.