Touchless Apple Pay Terminal

Contactless Payment Options Are Available – Offer Them Now

While they have been around for years, contactless payments options are available for business owners and you should offer them now. While the first thought that may come to mind if you are reading is that this is meant for retail and restaurant businesses, but these options are also completely appropriate for service and professional based companies, too.

Customers, from what we are seeing and hearing are seeking more ways to make payments that allow them to feel safe, secure and confident. Eliminating the credit card hand off, the requirement to touch a keypad or sign a screen is something businesses should be be proactively doing now. If you process credit cards, handle cash, or accept checks you probably have been asked for alternative options much more frequently recently.

What are you doing to help them?

Let’s face it, if your customers and clients are not asking…they are probably seeking an alternative option for their products and services. They need to hear from you now how you are adjusting or they will spend their money elsewhere. Share with them how you securely process their payment transaction and help them feel comfortable in their purchases and experience with your business.

Share with them “Contactless Payments Available Here Now” and promote their payment options with your business.

To stay relevant, maintain customers and keep their client base, business owners have to consider options that allow them to do more, be better and adjust to be competitive. Bluetooth, wireless and proximity-based payment devices are in demand, but are easy to implement. In addition, virtual terminals, secure online payment portals, are readily available as part of TransAct merchant services options for all clients who process credit cards and e-payments through their TransAct account.

Not 100% there yet? Get ready and implement touchless payment options as quickly as possible to adapt to the current and changing environment.

Contact us for assistance to enable those tools that are available to you now. Be proactive, be ready but adjust if needed to offer contactless payment options and stay ahead of what your customers want from you and your business.

Call a TransAct team member if you have questions.

PS Looking to read more about this topic to understand more about the customer perspective, feel free to review this or this – it isn’t just what we think.