Are You Ready For Some Snow?

Are you ready for some snow? Winter has started to show its intent, and with flurries in the forecast, we want to make sure you are prepared in all ways possible.

Snow can be great for our landscaping clients, their trucks fitted out with snowplows offering them an opportunity to capture seasonal revenues, it can impact businesses who are not prepared for a snow day or a delayed opening due to snowy roads.

Retailers with an e-commerce site to complement their brick and mortar store can promote snow day sales and use marketing outreach to connect with customers and maintain sales.  But, sadly, revenues can be low or even zero for those who are not prepared to run their business from their home office, or when they are out of the office.

Even one day of lost sales can be difficult to make up and affect your monthly P & L.

So, what do you do if you are a service business?

We suggest implementing technology solutions that typically benefit field-based and mobile service companies. Several TransAct clients have adopted flexible payment systems in the last year and the trend is growing.

  • Online payment portals
  • Automated billing
  • Bluetooth card readers
  • E-mail an invoice
  • Collect payment via secure “Pay Now” link
  • Mobile payments

All of these give you options to offer your clients multiple ways to make a payment. Mobile solutions and recurring billing processes have really helped streamline the collections process for so many of our clients, both in the trade and professional service industries.  This helps them maintain steady cash flow and offers their clients better options to pay from home, the road or from work, at any time of day.

So, regardless of the season, no matter what the weather brings, make sure that you are ready for anything and TransAct can help. Reach out. Even if it snows, we will be available.