It’s 2019 Already – Are You Ready for the Future with these 4 Easy Solutions

Yes, it’s 2019 already. Are you ready for the future with these 4 easy solutions that can increase your revenues in the coming year?

Each year, new technology goes into effect and legacy companies, tend to suffer the most. While long term companies have a history of success behind them, the ease and adoption of new systems, apps and payment solutions can hold them back. What was once a huge investment, only available to few companies is now readily available and not as expensive as it once was. The future is here now.

The reality is that the companies who have been around for more than 3 to 5 years need to adopt new ways of collecting revenues. Not only are the up and coming competitors charging less, they are using more methods of payment to address the growing client base of Millennials and those who are dedicated to online bill pay and never use checks, let alone cash.

Now is a great time to adopt new methods, systems and processes to help your clients and customers pay the way they want to pay.  This will help you and your sales team as they make the pitch that your experience matters and that you are available with continued, high quality services, solutions and products to meet their needs.

So, in 2019, it is probably time to adopt these 4 easy solutions in your payment portfolio to make it simple for customers to pay your fees when, where and how your customers want.

1. Mobile payments – with our new Bluetooth mobile chip card reader, you can collect payments, in person, more securely and save on processing fees, too.

2. Online payment button – we can easily set up a free PAY NOW button for your website that allows your clients to pay online when they want to pay their invoice.

3. Pay from mobile phone – your clients can follow an easy to use, secure payment button and submit their payment right from their phone.

4. E-mail invoice link – another free service included in your account, you can add to each invoice and allow customers to review and pay from their e-mail.

All of these options are available to TransAct clients today, because your future starts now.

In a quick phone call, we can review which of these options – if not all 4 – work for you and your business. Even better, we can set them up easily, making sure that you are ready the next time you need to accept a payment from your customer who doesn’t have cash or a check on hand.

Have questions? Let us know how we can help.