5 Ways You Can Focus on Great Customer Service to Stand Out in Your Field

In any industry, there are certain brands that stand out against their competition, and here are 5 ways you can focus on great customer service to stand out in your field.

Customer service matters more than you think and can be more valuable than you may give it credit.

In today’s competitive landscape, being able to maintain and retain customers, bringing them back to your business takes more than just providing a good product or service. Often, this can make the difference even if your price is just a little bit more than another provider. Don’t sacrifice your own standards just to match another quote – your extra attention to service has value.

1) Customers want you to listen to them. Don’t offer less than they need or push for more than they are willing to buy.  They will be more likely to return if they feel that you are focused on their specific needs.

2) Be adaptable. When feasible…sometimes it is just a simple change that will make it work better. Perhaps starting a project earlier, or later will help the client. Maybe it is offering to train at a later date when all of their staff is available. It might mean taking a deposit, breaking out remaining payments over time to help them budget their investment in your services.

3) Be available when they call. No one likes to talk to a call center who can’t solve a problem. Nor do they want to leave a long, drawn out message to explain what they need. Use Caller ID and other team members to pitch in and answer a call to help get the conversation started. You can also offer to help them via e-mail or text – many service providers find that this allows a client to ask the questions they need, even while they are at their workplace. This makes them feel connected and able to resolve their concerns in a timely manner. Overall, be available when you say you are.

4) Be transparent. If you cannot do something, let them know. Don’t imply that you can do something, or hem and haw over something you know you can’t deliver.

5) Be patient.  Don’t be in a rush to get them to sign a contract. There is a balance to obtaining a signed deal, but too much pressure can turn people off. Instead, help them see the value of what you offer, with all of the additional benefits you provide.

While we know that there are many other ways to stand out, these 5 characteristics listed above can help you earn better word of mouth referrals, client testimonials and positive feedback ratings. You know your customers and what they want. Taking the extra step in providing great customer service should give you confidence and let you trust your fees are commensurate with your service delivery. Some brands don’t need to discount to get customers and if you are doing all of these, your business is probably one of them. If there is any way that we can help you maintain and achieve these goals, please let us know.