Finding the right POS System

Is Your Clover POS Costing You Too Much?

In the last few months we have been having frank conversations with many of our clients. Is your Clover POS costing you too much?

What We Are Hearing

  • We were told the system was easy to use.
    • It is, but when we have an internet outage, we don’t have an option to operate offline.
    • We can’t process transactions.
    • The KDS printer won’t print and we can’t access 3rd party delivery orders.
  • It was simple to set up.
    • It was, but the training fell short of what we needed.
    • Some staff still struggle with the main counter unit.
    • The handhelds that we thought would be more efficient, sometimes take longer.
  • The equipment was compact, taking up less room on the counter.
    • It is, but the swivel screen is confusing to new customers.
    • Even repeat customers don’t know how to use it.
    • E-mails for receipts don’t “stick” and customers decide not to re-enter them.
  • Taking some positives with the negatives, the biggest of the complaints have been that the fees tend to add up.
    • Unfortunately, they add up to more than our clients were paying before they replaced their old POS System.
    • Even more unfortunate, there is still a lot of time left on the contract.

Alternative POS System Options

Is your POS system falling short of your needs, or, maybe costing you too much?

Whether you are in a retail store or a restaurant there are options. You can consider a new or replacement system once your contract is done. No rush, but start doing the research now and learn more about alternatives.

Also, if you need to implement e-commerce, you can easily integrate the online shopping experience with your in-house system.

Get in touch with one of us to book a short, 20-minute info call.