Retail POS Systems

Accounting Processing Made Easier with TransAct

imit ly Make your accounting processing easier with TransAct. In other words, with the right merchant services tools, processes, software and support, the end of year and tax season is simple and pain free.

Secure Accounting Back Office

Whether you operate a retail, restaurant or service based business, the easiest thing you can do is connect your back office accounting software to your POS, CRM or operations management systems. The integrated software is able to seamlessly transfer all of the critical accounting data to QuickBooks.

Follow the Accounting Process

Nothing makes work easier than following a step by step checklist and established process to get work done. No need to waste time doing more than needed. Get the information into the data management tools you have as quickly and accurately as possible with the click of a button.

From transactions and unit sales, to cost of goods, profit margins, discounts and loyalty points redeemed, make the accounting processing easier with the right tools.

Integrated Software

Restaurant and retail POS systems now have inventory management tools build right in. Order, receive, process sales and deplete from stock all at once.

  • Create orders, export and send to suppliers to restock.
  • Import orders into the POS back office, no need to re-key what just came in the back door.
  • Process transactions, automatically removing items from inventory. Know what you have on hand in physical inventory as well as cost of goods on the books.

Each of these steps, done manually, takes more time they are done each day, week or month than the initial set up will take. Commit the time to install this tool as soon as you can to eliminate staff hours, eliminate mistakes and spend more time with customers.

TransAct Support

From selecting software, new POS Systems, financial consulting and onboarding with staff training included, our team is a full-service provider for all businesses.

Many merchant services providers work with just one system, or provide the equipment, but require a contract. They may not offer training, or training is limited, and ends after the initial install.

TransAct is your partner in the process of selecting the right systems, all the way through to implementation and ongoing support for you and your staff.

Now is the perfect season to reconsider the tools you use and how better to use your time – eliminate those things that waste it – spend it doing what you want to do instead.

Reach out to us for a no obligation, friendly and informative consultation. Book 20-minutes on your calendar at your convenience here.