Faster Invoice Payments

Businesses who want faster invoice payments can learn more in this blog. We will cover some best practices in quicker turn around of accounts receivables.

In the past, we recommended e-mail, which was significantly faster… than mailing a paper invoice and waiting for a check to be mailed back to the office. And, then of course, waiting for the check to clear after it was processed and deposited.

E-mail is still a viable and easy form of invoice management and issuance. However, we have been hearing of issues with e-mail filtering and spam delaying delivery.  It is always important to have the customer, client or patient, to add your business e-mail address to their address book so that the e-mail gets through the first time and on time.

Newest Invoice Payment Processing Options

Today, there are a few new options that adopt the latest, and simple, forms of technology. These services help close the books on services – whether it was provided last year, last month or just yesterday – to get paid faster.

Adopting faster invoice payments for your business does not need to take months to set up new equipment. It also does not take a lot of training for staff. That said, TransAct always provides training and support for merchant services and payment processing clients.

Three New Payment Options

There are more than just these options on the market; here are our top picks for the new year.

  • Text to Pay (or sometimes more commonly called Text2Pay)
  • Issue via your secure payment portal
  • Batch uploading of single or multiple invoices

To find out more about the other methods, you can e-mail us to inquire about other options, or take a look at this industry study completed in late 2022.

Help Customers Pay Their Way

Customers today want flexibility, easy payment options and access to pay their invoice when it is convenient for them.

Including the option to use mobile payment processing can result in faster invoice payments.

If you are not sure whether or not your system can handle this option, get in touch with us to find out.