Get Your Business Ready For Spring

As we come out of the winter, all people – most importantly your customers and clients – are ready for a change. Are you and your business ready for spring, too?

Whether you operate a restaurant or a service based business you have to get your business ready for what is needed this season. It is time to reassess old processes and bring in the new, fresh ideas. Spring is the perfect time to clean up of your tech, processes, and payment interface to ensure you deliver the best experience to your customers.

  • For restaurants, cafes and bars this means outdoor dining and family celebrations.
  • For service businesses, homeowners want home improvements completed before the summer.

QR Codes and Tablets for Outdoor Dining

For your restaurant, of any size or type, outdoor dining is now a “must”have offering since 2020. Customers have gotten used to it and want to enjoy the time in the fresh air and sunshine.

How do you process payments for outdoor dining guests? Does your point-of-sale have a tablet that your wait staff uses or are your customers ordering via a QR code? How did those orders get to the kitchen for prompt accurate and efficient production?

Make it easy for the customers to not only order their food and beverages, but also pay when they are ready to leave. This eliminates extra staff time energy and effort.

Text To Pay and Payment Links for Home Services

As a service based business if you are involved in construction and home remodeling, you have new options to collect payment whether the client is home, or not.

That said, new security measures have made it more difficult for businesses to remain compliant when processing invoices and payments online.

Instead, choose a secure option and consider text to pay, a proprietary online payment portal, and emailed invoices that pass the security evaluation by the banks.

In addition, set up limits for payment processing during “normal business hours” and this can help to eliminate phishing and skimming scams. Turn off your online payment portal from 10PM or 11PM until 6AM or 7AM and reduce the risk to your business, maintain PCI compliance and improve security.

New payment processes are available today.

Get ready now. Don’t wait for the busy season. This time to reevaluate, rethink, and yes, re-engineer your payment systems to best serve your business and your customers.

Reach out to schedule a free 20 minute consultation and evaluation of your current process to see how you can save time reduce risk and become more efficient while better serving your customers.