Partner Program

TransAct Focuses on Partnering with Banks

TransAct focuses on partnering with banks to serve your needs for local, customized, and personal attention from your merchant services provider. Many business owners choose to work with a small, local or regional bank because they want the personal attention and care offered. Our partnerships align with those same goals and tie into our core values as a financial partner.

Financial Partners You Can Trust

When TransAct is partnering with banks in a local area we take the time to get to know what you want from merchant services. It goes further than predictable deposits, one day turnaround and clear, easy to read statements.

Know Your Providers

Our partnerships with local banks allow them to private label merchant services, offer in-person, installation of POS systems, and live helpdesk support. Getting answers to your important financial questions in real time is key to that relationship.

On-going Cyber Security Support

On-going, support in the area of cyber security is available to help clients limit and monitor online fraud attempts. Hackers continue to try cyber attacks via online transactions and constantly evolving phishing schemes. We work independently with clients to set limits that are tailored to your business, average transactions and suit any fluctuations in seasonality. Through PCI compliance scans, audits and reporting the cost of such attempts are kept to a minimum.

Best in Class Merchant Services

We also spend time to assist fighting chargebacks when customers who legitimately received products or services dispute a charge.

If you choose to work with a local provider, you can also have access to best in class merchant services. Our team can spend the time to help you through your business set up. Then, we are active through development and growing with you into the future.

Local is always friendlier and partnering with banks in the area are part of our core strength. Learn more in a short free consultation.