Credit Card Processing for Accountants

Teaming Up with Accounting Professionals

TransAct has been teaming up with accounting professionals for years to help serve clients better. As a business owner or leader, you know that financial standards, being efficient and cost effective go hand in hand.

Choose a Trusted Partner

Being able to choose a trusted partner for the financial aspect of your business is key. It is a relief Knowing that you have an expert merchant services provider and a dedicated accountant working together. Whether it is reviewing end of year expenses during tax season, or finding ways to save money you can rest assured.

Quarterly Reporting and Reviews

Some of our clients will work with their accounting team to do detailed quarterly reporting and reviews. This is the time to check in on extra, unnecessary expenses. We recommend looking into fees for PCI Compliance or whether or not a contract has expired, opening the door to savings. This is also an excellent time to set up automated exports. This can be ideal for QuickBooks from POS systems if not already in place.

End of Year Tax Filings

Teaming up with accounting professionals allows TransAct to make recommendations for areas to save on expenses. What did you pay last year? Was it on par with industry average, or higher than you should experience? Ask your trusted advisors for their insights. Make a transition now – or plan for a good time to do it – POS updates, new merchant services options and inventory integration. Tools like e-checks, text 2 pay and online payments can also make a huge difference in your business.

Find out more about how we team up with accounting professionals, including bookkeepers and enrolled agents. Make sure your business is as efficient and cost effective as you can be. Book a quick check in call today to learn more.