How Would You Spend 5 Minutes or 55 Minutes?

If you think for a moment, given total freedom and choice – how would you spend 5 minutes or 55 minutes given the option?

As a business owner, how much time do you spend on paperwork and entering data, rather than evaluating information and using it to develop and grow? If you could literally press a button and pull up a report that told you all of your critical information that you could review in 5 minutes, wouldn’t that be amazing?

You could know your:

    daily sales
    average ticket/transaction
    number of upsells
    cost of goods
    average labor cost
    the list goes on…

Plus, you would have 50 more minutes to spend on something else. Something like coaching someone on your staff to help them increase the average ticket value? Or, maybe attend a luncheon (instead of eating at your desk) and meeting 10 new potential clients?

Adding a Point-of-Sale (POS) system can help you with new technology, streamlining payments, provide better information, help you manage security and PCI compliance or allow you to add an integrated Gift Cards and Loyalty program to keep your customers coming back.

Automation can be a wonderful asset. Consider an investment in your business, that can drop right to the bottom line in just a short period of time.

Investing now in something that will help you learn more, do more and spend less time with tedious tasks can also improve your level of satisfaction and happiness from owning your own business.

Want to find out how to do it better? I can assure you, it takes less than 55 minutes to learn more.

~ Mary Ann