Debit and Credit Cards Preferred

A friend sent me this picture from her spring break vacation with her kids. The sign reads: Debit and Credit Cards Preferred

She was so confused. She was at the aquarium paying for her photos – you know the ones, those souvenir, green screen generated pics – the ones when they take your picture and then all the sudden there’s a giant toothy shark behind you. Yeah you know the ones.

Well she knew that I would love this and I definitely do.

Here’s the thing that this simple sign tells me and business owners can learn from their example.

The aquarium wants to make paying for the photos simple. They want people to not think twice about spending another $19.95 for the package. They also want to be able to track sales:

    How many people buy the images?
    What package do they buy?
    How many copies of what picture do they buy?

Paying by credit card ensures that all of that revenue gets classified in their Point-of-Sale.

Less risk of theft and more data available to help their business become – and stay – competitive against others in the industry, in their market while being able to build business with additional revenue streams.

Sure – they may add the nominal cost of processing, but they see the value it brings to them on the bottom line.

If you have questions about adding credit cards and want to understand more of how much value it can bring to your business or your client’s business, please ask. We are here to help you see what this can bring to you in an advantage against your competition, too.

~ Mary Ann