10 Days To Make a Difference

Believe it or not, the year is almost at an end but there are still 10 days to make a difference in your business. With so many simple and savvy ways to collect payments, streamline your business and close out the year, you can end 2017 on a positive note and even collect lingering payments.

Want to know more and really help make a difference in your business or for your clients? Read on…

1. Ask for a payment by credit card.

2. Establish easy, budget-friendly monthly payment plans.

3. Set up a virtual terminal.

4. Add integration to QuickBooks.

5. Update your POS software – you know they keep sending you the links to do it!

6. Complete your PCI Compliance Audit.

7. Add a new log-in for the seasonal employees to maintain security (hint, we can easily turn them off when they finish out the temporary employment with your business.)

8. Set up e-checks to help past-due clients make their payments the way they want to pay.

9. Set up a 1-on-1 free consultation and business evaluation to make sure you are making the most of tax deductible expenses.

10. Processing online and in the office? Eliminate a second* (and even a third) payment services account, like shutting down PayPal or Square and eliminate costly account fees; simplify your payment processing options with in-person, online and on-the-go credit card payment systems all with one TransAct account.

There is still plenty to do before December 31 and we wanted to make sure you knew that you still have time to make this year even better.  Call me or e-mail me to schedule time before it is too late!

~ Mary Ann

*Did you know, using more than one credit card processing service can create risk in your business in terms of PCI compliance? Read more here or contact us today to find out how to reduce your liability and save money, too.