3 Ways to Process Credit Cards

Believe it or not, the credit card processing and merchant services industry can be summarized with just 3 ways to process credit cards. (In other words, what we do is really not that complicated and you shouldn’t hold back in choosing to accept credit because someone told you it was difficult.)

1) Via a simple terminal. Terminals allow you to swipe or process chip (aka EMV) enabled credit cards. The equipment is simple and if you have a service based business, you can even set up what we call a “virtual terminal”.

2) Via a mobile device. Again, a simple add on to your tablet or smart phone can enable a business owner to swipe or accept chip cards – some don’t even need the hardware, other than the phone or tablet. You can allow the customer to hand-key in their card, add their credentials and then the card processes without you even needing to see or touch the card.

3) Via a Point-of-Sale system aka POS system or simply, POS. While the complexity of a POS can vary greatly, they are available for all types of businesses, with specific hardware, from swipers and chip processors, to printers, customer relationship management data tools like integrated e-mail services and loyalty programs, the system you choose should match your industry: Retail, Restaurant or Service.

For all of these systems, whether they have local or cloud based data storage, you still have some options for enhancing the tools you use to help manage your business such as automated payments, PCI compliance systems and even integration with accounting software like QuickBooks.

As we close in on 2017, I am usually amazed that some businesses choose not to accept credit cards.

“Why not?” I ask.

Their answer…”It’s complicated,” or some variation of the same sentiment.  I have to be the one to assure you…It is not complicated, or at least, it doesn’t have to be.  Then, when I take the time to explain this to them, in like, less than 20 minutes, the light bulb goes on. At least, usually it does.

Just to find out how simple it can be, just give me a call (800) 355-6717 or send an e-mail…you can even ask to chat with our online customer service team. It’s time to take the leap and the time is now, before the New Year gets too far ahead of us and you are left in the dark (ages.)

~ Mary Ann