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Trial Offer – Looks Good, But Is It Really?

When is anything of value ever provided to you at no charge? Food, your car, the advice from a lawyer or accountant – even the friendships you share – have a cost. While your friendship may mean expending your time and energy to make the relationship work, it still has value that offsets the cost.

The same really holds true for that “trial offer” – looks good, but is it really, good for you? Trial periods, free equipment offers and first month free usually come with a cost, such as a time period commitment, additional cost in subsequent months (equipment paid over time) or the automatic renewal of a contract.

If something is valuable to you, you know that it comes at a certain cost. In the end, the lowest overall cost for the benefit received is what gives something greater value.

Look closely at the trial offer and evaluate it on it’s total value to you.

    Does the service do everything you need it to do?
    Do you know what the services cover?
    Is this the best service available for the same cost?
    Is the commitment of a contract worth getting one free month in the beginning?
    Do you know if there is a time period to cancel?
    What happens if you don’t cancel in that time frame?

We try our very best to offer the best cost with the highest value of services, with no contract or commitment. We do not manufacture equipment, so if we supply it to you, we are passing through our best cost to you so that you can use better processing terminals or point-of-sale equipment. Whether paid up front or over time, it isn’t free, but it won’t cost you more than anywhere else either.

We do not want to keep customers tied to us for any length of time longer than they want to be with us. It is sort of like a friendship – if it isn’t working for both of us we part ways and wish you the best moving forward.

Our commitment doesn’t come with a trial offer – it is offered to you for the life of our relationship – and sometimes, even after we stop working with our clients, because sometimes it is best to keep old friends, even if you part ways for a while. You never know what tomorrow will bring.

~ Mary Ann