Your Business Is Too Big for Square or PayPal

As a business transitioning from start up to established, one important question to ask is whether or not your business is too big for Square or PayPal.

Starting up a new business or a non-profit organization can be complicated and no doubt, the big names in the industry are Square and PayPal. They put a lot of effort and advertising on the street – everyone knows them. They can be an easy first step for a new business.

Then, depending on how fast you grow, how complicated your business is and how much hands on support you need – you may need more than services provide.

We can help you keep it simple and learn information that can help your business grow. Think about this simple number – one thousand.


Once your business gets to a point of processing either $1,000 per month or cumulatively, more than $12,000 over the course of the year in credit card sales, it might be worth considering a more appropriate solution, one that can more than just save you on processing costs.

A tailored solution can improve:

    • the data you collect,
    • the information available to you about your business,
    • offer you private merchant* processing,

Start by saving money and gain so much more, too.

~ Mary Ann

PS *A tailored TransAct solution is never aggregated and offers more security with your own server accounts which Square and PayPal don’t offer.