Considering A Wireless Terminal – 5 Features We Think You’ll Love, Too

Based on feedback from our clients who, earlier this year, were considering a wireless terminal (and decided to invest in one) these are 5 features we think you’ll love, too.

We always like to share our experiences with our clients, but when our clients give us helpful insights that we can pass along, that is even better.

We always spend time to review the features, test and train on how to use the equipment before we complete the set up.  Out of all the feedback since installing the new, wireless, blue tooth chip card readers this summer and fall, these 5 came to the top of the list on the post-install setup and review.

1. Security – chip enabled reduces your risk of fraudulent cards

2. Lower cost of processing – accessing an EMV chip enabled card is less than swiped cards

3. Ease of use – literally pick it up and carry it to any place in the business wherever your customers are – even to a conference or other off-site events (and of course, we train you and anyone on your team how to use it, how to troubleshoot common issues, and how to help customers use it, too.)

4. Long battery life – something that wasn’t a promoted feature from our manufacturer, but clients noticed right away

5. Cost – it is less than you would think and very comparable to other options with far less features, like the now outdated and oversized terminals we used to use

What are some reasons you’re thinking of upgrading the hardware used for mobile credit card processing in your business? Ask us and we can fill you in on more insights we have since the equipment became available this summer.

~ Mary Ann

PS We will also tell you when we think it is wrong for your business.