Why We Are Celebrating Women Owned Business Month and You Should Too

It’s October and here’s why we are celebrating women owned business month and you should, too.

Of course, first and foremost, TransAct is owned by a woman and has been since day one, nearly ten years ago. Being a woman business owner, was uncommon back then, especially in a non-traditional field, like finance or STEM (or, in this case, both). More and more, women owned businesses have grown in recent years.

In the last 5 years, from 2014 to 2019, the percentage of women owned businesses grew by 21% bringing the total to 42% of all businesses being owned by women. What’s more, these businesses are outpacing others with employment growth of 8% vs. 1.8% continuing to develop an overall market revenue of $1.9 trillion. *NOTE: These statistics are from American Express in a report prepared for them by Ventureneer.com.

Of course, women are doing a lot and they are making a huge difference.

We support them because we know what it is like, we have been there and we understand a lot of the concerns, worries and fears they have.

Our approach to our clients is different and always has been, whether for women leaders or men at the helm. We want our business owners to understand what we are doing, how the merchant systems work and why adding new technology on a regular basis can help increase revenues, improve productivity and decrease expenses.

Of course, we always provide training, support and continue to do so throughout our client relationship. We know that the better our clients perform, the better we perform and overall we can improve the economy and keep growing adding to our local community success.

Whether you read the trends or not, they are here – and here to stay – and we will continue to focus on all businesses and all owners, but with a special place in our hearts for those women who take the leap of faith to become a lady boss.

Have questions that you have never wanted to ask, let us know. We are here to help! #WomenOwnedBusiness #LadyBoss #LeadLikeALady