Credit Card Processing for Pool Cleaners

TransAct works with pool cleaning and maintenance companies of all sizes to provide custom merchant services to cater to your business’s specific needs. We work with seasonal businesses and contractors like pool cleaners to help streamline their payment processing and avoid costly fees in the seasons when they aren’t processing payments. Our payment solutions are affordable, user-friendly, and flexible for small independent businesses and bigger franchises.

Payment Processing for Your Seasonal Pool Cleaning Business

We understand that many pool cleaning companies will have busy seasons and seasons with little or no business at all. We won’t charge you monthly fees during the months your business isn’t operating and we can get you up and running quickly whenever you are ready to resume your pool maintenance services.

We offer a range of alternative payment options that are designed to be contactless, convenient, and affordable. Some options our pool cleaning customers use and love include:

  • Contactless Mobile Credit Card Terminals: You can collect payments on the job with our contactless portable chip card reader. All you need to do is connect it to your smartphone or mobile device via Bluetooth to process credit cards payment. You can also email your customer a receipt instead of printing one or writing one out.
  • Text to Pay: An increasingly popular payment method is text to pay. You can send your customer a payment link to their smartphone and they can pay immediately via credit card or e-check. Learn more about our secure text to pay program.
  • QR Code Payments: QR codes are another great contactless option for customers to pay by credit card or e-check using their smartphone.
  • E-Checks & E-Invoices: Payment links can also be emailed to customers with an auto-generated e-invoice that can be paid 24/7 by e-check or credit card. These are handy for collecting outstanding balances as well.
  • Recurring Payments: To break down outstanding payments into smaller, more manageable payments or bill ongoing routine maintenance jobs, you can use recurring billing. Just enter the payment terms into the system once and it will automatically charge your client’s payment method on the dates you set.

These options all integrate seamlessly with Quickbooks so you can keep your bookkeeping and records up to date.

POS Systems for Pool Maintenance Companies

We also offer integrated POS systems for pool cleaning companies that work on installations and other large projects that require detailed pricing. Our POS systems can be customized to do what you want them to do and are easy for employees to use. Ask us why a POS system may be beneficial for your pool maintenance company.

The Best Merchant Services for Pool Cleaning Companies

If your pool cleaning business is in the market for cost-effective and efficient merchant services, you’ve come to the right place. TransAct will work with you to create a system that works for you and accommodates your seasonal changes and unique needs. We offer our services with 24/7/365 real-time support and no hidden fees or contracts. Get in touch to learn more!

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