Credit Card Processing for CPAs

Whether they’re growing their office as a sole practitioner or developing their firm, our Certified Public Accountant (CPA) clients love how easy our system is to work with. Their clients can pay the way they prefer, and CPAs can seamlessly integrate those payments into their bookkeeping records and wallets. Our system allows business clients to pay:

  • In-person as they begin or end their appointment
  • At the front desk as they leave
  • Automatically through recurring payments
  • Electronically through an e-invoice sent to their email

TransAct’s security features are designed with CPAs in mind. The system allows for one admin, plus additional user accounts for CPA and/or office manager access via their own username and password. This helps to keep CPA offices organized while giving each employee the customizable access they need to send e-invoices, set up recurring billing, and more.

We use state-of-the-art equipment and software while keeping up with the market’s fluctuating needs and trends. Our system is also easily integrated with QuickBooks so your records stay all in one place.

Flexible Merchant Services for CPAs

Certified accounting services can benefit from the flexibility of our merchant services provider. Whether your office works with small businesses or bigger corporations, we have a payment solution to fit you and your clients’ needs. Some payment alternatives we offer include:

  • Contactless Credit Card Terminals: For in-person meetings, contactless terminals are simple to set up and straightforward to collect payments with. You can connect the terminal to your mobile device via Bluetooth and email your client’s e-receipts with the tap of a button.
  • E-Invoices: E-Invoices for services can be automatically generated on an as-needed basis and sent to clients’ emails. The email will contain a link for clients to pay electronically 24/7 at their convenience with an e-check or credit card.
  • Automatic & Recurring Payments: For long term clients, automatic billing can save both businesses valuable time. Your office decides on the terms and enrolls clients in the system. The system will then automatically charge your client’s payment method on the day you schedule the payment to occur.

These are just a few of the many ways we can help you or your clients with payment alternatives.

Ongoing Merchant Services Support

If you ever have a problem or question about your system, our merchant services include access to 24/7 real-time support. A member of our support staff is always available to help troubleshoot and answer any questions that come up.

You will also receive training and onboarding when you first switch to TransAct. We’ll help get you acquainted with the system, show you how to issue e-invoices, set up recurring payments, and much more.

Reduce your costs and receive hands-on customer service that understands the needs of your office or firm! We have solutions that work for many types of certified accounting services and can tailor fit one that works best for you.

Added Value Services for Your Business Clients

We Can Add Value to Your Clients in 3 Ways:

  • Q: Is one of your clients paying too much for merchant service fees?
  • A: Anything more than 3% is worth a thorough review. Contact us today.
  • Q: Are you seeing chargebacks being written off?
  • A: We can help your clients fight this and retain the revenue they earned.
  • Q: Have your clients paid a PCI non-compliance fee in the last year?
  • A: Whether a direct bank deduction or a line-item on their merchant statement, this is often a fee that does not need to be paid. We educate our clients on how to maintain compliance to avoid these fees.

We help CPA professionals like you to offer added value services to their clients and help them save money on unnecessary merchant services and payment processing expenses.

In the last 12 months, we have helped increase revenue turn around by over 400% while decreasing overall expenses.

If your client is currently being serviced by a Big Bank, we are confident we can improve their profitability and timeliness with service.

What Our CPA Clients Have to Say

The reason I enjoy working with you is the personal attention & support we get. You are always pleasant, helpful and very accommodating to our schedule. When I have a question, need help or advice I speak directly to you not just someone answering the phone. We’ve built a relationship. You know us personally and that means a lot. We have the confidence in you that you will look out for what is best for our office.


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