Online Learning Payment Processing

Processing payments for your online learning business can become an easier process when working with TransAct. We offer a flexible menu of options that allow you to collect payments from your students in a manner that best serves you and your students’ needs. Online class attendees can pay:

  • Just prior to the session ending via a click-and-pay e-invoice.
  • Before or after the session via an emailed e-invoice that they can pay at their convenience.
  • Automatically at each class interval based on the course’s set duration via a saved payment method.

Our system is user-friendly, cost-efficient and a huge time saver for many online teachers. We want to help you automate payment collection so you can focus more time and effort on your students and lesson plans instead of stressing about billing.

The TransAct software also integrates directly with QuickBooks Desktop so you can run the transactions from QuickBooks while the TransAct portal stores the information in the background. This saves you even more time while keeping your bookkeeping organized.

Online Learning Digital Payments

With all interactions happening virtually, you may worry about students having difficulty paying their bill or security issues with storing their sensitive payment information within your system. Our merchant services use the most up-to-date technology and comply with industry standards to ensure all transactions are secure. Whether you choose to send e-invoices for each session or you enroll a student in a recurring payment plan, we aim to make the process simple and safe for you and your students.

  • E-invoices: You can set up the system to automatically generate a bill for each session and send the e-invoice to your student’s email address. Within the email, there will be a built-in payment link for 24/7 e-payments that your student can pay via electronic check or credit card.
  • Recurring Payments: This option is great for long-term courses and busy students. Recurring payments can save you both time and minimize the potential for past-due payments. All you have to do is collect your student’s payment information once, then input it into the system and set the billing terms. The system will charge them automatically after each session and send them a confirmation receipt. You can even add our automatic card feature so you never have to worry about card expirations on recurring plans.

Ongoing Merchant Services Support

When choosing TransAct, you will have 24/7 access to our support staff while using our services. Someone is always available in real-time to answer any of your questions and troubleshoot technical issues.

We also provide training and onboarding when you first sign up to help you become familiar with the system and its features. We will teach you about all aspects of your service including:

  • Issuing e-invoices for online learning sessions
  • Collecting e-payments from students
  • Processing student refunds
  • Setting up recurring billing and automated payments
  • Navigating the payment processing system
  • Integrating our software with QuickBooks

Cost-Effective Credit Card Processing for Online Teachers

At TransAct, we offer online payment processing solutions without hidden fees or contracts. We work with online teachers nationwide to make virtual payments simple and safe while saving them valuable time and money. Get in touch to learn how we can help you!

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