Therapy Credit Card Processing

TransAct works with therapy providers to make accepting payments easy, secure, and convenient in both in-person and virtual settings. We are proud to serve all different types of therapists, including counselors, psychologists, physical therapists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, and many more.

Whether sole practitioners or developing a group practice, therapists can offer multiple payment options to their patients so they can make the therapeutic experience as welcoming as possible. We can grow with your practice, or help you in an established practice by offering a wide range of features and benefits – so as you counsel your patients you can choose the easiest way to collect payment from them. Some common ways patients prefer to pay include:

  • In-person in the privacy of their therapy room
  • Virtually through secure e-invoicing which can be paid from home or a mobile device via check or credit card
  • At the front desk
  • Via automatic recurring payments

Our healthcare payment processing program is designed with the needs of therapists and their patients in mind. We are proudly HIPAA and PCI compliant and take patient data security very seriously. Our payment processing software integrates with Quickbooks and is able to accept payments from all insurance providers.

Our software also has the ability to create controlled access and logins for each therapist if they are supporting the office without a front desk.

Flexible Payment Processing for Counselors

We have a suite of digital payments solutions that cater to every patient’s needs. We understand the sensitive nature of the mental healthcare field and aim to make things as stress-free as possible for patients. We offer:

  • Contactless Terminals: Patients can pay in-person at the front desk with our contactless terminals and choose to receive an emailed and/or printed receipt.
  • Text to Pay: Patients pay straight from their smartphone through a secure link that you text to them. Learn more about our secure Text to Pay program.
  • E-Invoices: Invoices can be emailed to your patients for any outstanding balances that may be owed. This allows them to pay by credit card or e-check at their convenience.
  • Automatic Recurring Payments: Your office can set up recurring payment terms for ongoing patients so that their on-file payment method is automatically charged after each session without them having to do anything.

Ongoing Merchant Services Support for Therapists

Our payment processing services go beyond just the initial setup. We offer free training and onboarding and additional 24/7 ongoing support for any questions or issues that come up. Some common things we help with include:

  • Issuing e-invoices for patient sessions
  • Collecting e-payments from patients and insurance companies
  • Processing patient and insurance refunds
  • Setting up recurring billing and automated payments
  • Setting up contactless credit card terminals in the office
  • Integrating your system with QuickBooks

Credit Card Processing Programs for Therapists

Our merchant services can be customized to suit your practice’s unique needs. We help all kinds of therapists, psychologists and counselors to receive payments and make their jobs a little easier. Get in touch to learn how we help!

Want to learn more about our payment processing solutions? Call us today at 800.335.6717 Fill out our contact form