Credit Card Processing for Dentists

Do you know the cost of your current merchant services? Are you being offered the full array of benefits out there to make it easy and convenient for your patients to pay you? Can you alleviate some of the stress from your front desk when it comes to payments?

Our healthcare payment processing services are a great fit for dental practices. With flexible options like front desk contactless terminals, e-invoices, and recurring payments, patients can choose the payment method they feel most comfortable with. Our merchant services for dentists also integrate seamlessly with insurance providers’ preferred payment methods, saving office employees time and headaches when billing for visits.

We use the latest payment processing technology and security solutions, ensuring all transactions are simple and safe for patients and insurance providers. All of our merchant services are compliant with HIPAA and PCI standards so you can trust that your patients’ sensitive financial information is protected and secure.

Switching to TransAct is Easy!

We have over 15 years of experience in working with the dental community and bringing practices over to our services from the bank that typically financed their equipment. We offer:

  • Next Day Funding
  • State of the Art Equipment – Many models have been sunset like the Verifone Vx520.
  • FREE Onboarding and Training
  • Equipment that is Plug and Play when you receive it.

Flexible Dental Payment Processing

Our dental practice clients enjoy the variety of options at their disposal when processing payments from their patients or insurance providers.

  • Contactless Terminals: For patients who prefer to pay in person after their visit, our contactless terminals are a great option. They eliminate the need to hand a credit card over to a front desk receptionist while still being quick and convenient. They also have the option of emailing receipts if preferred.
  • Text to Pay: Another great contactless method is text to pay. Simply text your patient a payment link to their smartphone that they can pay by credit card or e-check. Learn more about our secure Text to Pay program.
  • E-Invoices: We also offer e-invoices that dental offices can automatically generate for any outstanding balances that may be owed. These e-invoices are sent with a built-in payment link for 24/7 e-payments that the patient can pay at any time.
  • Recurring Payments: Offices can help patients break down high deductible plans or outstanding balances by using recurring payments. By establishing manageable recurring payment terms that are set up in the system once, the system will automatically do the rest of the work of following the billing terms each time a payment is due.

Switch to New Merchant Services Without Office Interruptions

Many dental offices are often reluctant to switch from their current payment processing system to a new one. They may be using the default system provided by their bank, and although they may not love it, they are willing to stick with it to avoid the massive headache of changing providers. Transitioning usually means inconvenient issues popping up during the worst of times, leading to staff and patient frustration.

We understand and want to save you from the anxiety and glitches typically associated with transitioning. Because our system is so flexible, switching to TransAct is seamless and often goes unnoticed by staff and patients! We are committed to helping you every step of the way and making sure the switch causes as little office interruptions as possible.

Ongoing Dental Payment Processing Support

When choosing TransAct merchant services for dentists, your office will have 24/7 access to our support staff while using our services. We are here in real-time to answer any of your questions and concerns and to troubleshoot any issues that occur.

We also offer training and onboarding when you first switch to TransAct Merchant Services. This will cover all parts of your service, including:

  • Issuing e-invoices for dental appointments
  • Collecting digital payments from patients and insurance companies
  • Processing patient and insurance refunds
  • Setting up recurring billing and automated payments
  • Setting up contactless credit card terminals in the office
  • Connecting office staff to the system with unique logins
  • Navigating the dental payment processing system
  • Integration with QuickBooks

Simplifying Credit Card Processing for Dentist Offices

If your dental practice is in need of a new payment processing system, TransAct can customize a solution for your office’s needs. We work hard to find the best credit card processing solutions for dental offices around the country. That means simple dental payments and seamless integrations. Get in touch to learn how we help your practice!

Want to learn more about our payment processing solutions? Call us today at 800.335.6717 Fill out our contact form