Audiology Billing Services & Payment Processing

TransAct’s customizable merchant services are a great fit for audiologists—whether you are an independent provider or a growing audiology practice or hearing center. We make collecting payments easy, secure, and affordable. Our audiologist clients appreciate the flexibility of our hardware and software features when processing payments from patients or insurance companies. Our healthcare payment processing program was created with the needs of audiologists in mind, both for providers and their patients.

We use the most up-to-date payment processing technology and security solutions to ensure all transactions are HIPAA and PCI compliant. You can trust that your patients’ sensitive transactional data is protected. Our services also integrate seamlessly with QuickBooks and can accept all insurance providers’ preferred payment methods.

If your office is operating without a front desk, our software can be set up to allow controlled access and logins for each practitioner to maintain patient confidentiality.

Flexible Audiology Billing Services

Our payment processing suite offers a variety of convenient options for patients to choose from. The more choices a patient has, the easier it is for them to pay in a way that works for them so you’re more likely to get paid on time. Some popular payment methods include:

  • Contactless Terminals: Patients can pay with our chip-based contactless terminals in-person at the front desk or in a practitioner’s office. You can then print or email them a receipt for their records.
  • Mobile Payments: Audiologists can easily go off-site to assist patients and still process payments with the same freedom and security of in-person payments in the office. This is possible through our mobile payment app and portable terminals which only need a smartphone and internet connection to process payments.
  • Text2Pay: Are you out of the office and serving your patient community? We can help you minimize all of the billing when returning to the office by simply taking advantage of a few of our FREE features. Learn more about our secure Text2Pay program.
  • E-Invoices: Your office can automatically generate e-invoices for any outstanding balances that may be owed with a built-in payment link for 24/7 e-payments.
  • Recurring Payments: Help patients break down high deductible plans or outstanding balances by establishing manageable recurring payment terms that are set up in the system once, and then the system automatically follows the billing terms. The system provides the flexibility to accept payments with a credit card or e-check.

Ongoing Audiology Merchant Services Support

Whether your office has a change in staff or a problem with the system arises, let us help you by taking advantage of our offer for free and continued onboarding and training in our ever-changing world. Someone is always available 24/7/365 in real-time to troubleshoot or answer questions you may have. Some common things we help with include:

  • Issuing e-invoices for patient appointments
  • Collecting e-payments from patients and insurance companies
  • Processing patient and insurance refunds
  • Setting up recurring billing and automated payments
  • Setting up contactless credit card terminals in the office
  • Connecting office staff to the system with unique logins
  • Navigating your payment processing portal
  • Integration with QuickBooks
  • Office staff changeovers

Simplifying Credit Card Processing for Audiologists

Our goal is to make collecting payments cost-effective and effortless so you can give your time and attention to your patients. Unlike other payment providers, our services come with no contracts, hidden fees, or exit fees. If you’re ready to make the switch to a new merchant services system, get in touch with us to see how we can create a custom solution that works for you.

Want to learn more about our payment processing solutions? Call us today at 800.335.6717 Fill out our contact form