White Label Merchant Services for Local Banks

White label merchant services for local banks is just one of the specialty services that TransAct offers. While white label merchant processing is not part of our core service to retailers, restaurants, or professional and trade companies, financial institutions utilize white label merchant services as a common practice.

What is a White Label Payment Gateway?

A white label payment gateway is a merchant services platform created using your brand, allowing you to offer payment processing tools to your clients.

TransAct offers the option to use our white label payment processor tools. Your clients can sign up for payment processing, merchant services and offer cutting-edge digital payment methods to their customers.

Think about the latest trends in payment processing that TransActs offers such as pay by e-mail, text to pay, payment via QR Code, and more.

Are these something you’d like to offer but can’t under your current white label merchant service platform?

The systems TransAct offers work well for many smaller financial services companies and banks. They may not have the team in-house to handle all of the credit card transactions, chargebacks, PCI compliance scans, and related transactions processed by their clients typically available through a merchant service provider. However, they want to be able to offer programs that are competitive with merchant programs presented by large national and international banking institutions.

Benefits of White Labeling For Local Banks

Using a white label payment gateway allows local banks to offer competitive services like larger, national, and regional banks do. As your white label payment processor, TransAct will allow you to leverage our tools, support, and back-end system, while you set the terms of the merchant services accounts.

If you want to learn more, you can check out our partner programs and decide if your bank should start offering new services like those offered by larger financial institutions in your area. Add a competitive service to your local bank – contact us today to find out more details.