When You Know What You Want, Say Yes

When you know what you want, say yes to it. If you own and operate a seasonal business, such as a tax preparation or lawn and landscaping service – you have to make the right decisions for your business in time to take advantage of the benefits.

Our seasonal credit card processing programs were custom designed to offer on-time services for our clients who do not operate a business year round. We know that seasonal businesses can’t afford expenses when clients are not paying you for services. Whether you have a financial services provider now or have been debating adding the convenience of credit card payment options for your customers, now is the time to act.

Tax season is right upon us and we can work with you in the 2017 tax season if you contact us now…if you are thinking about your spring and summer service business…

Yes, now is a good time to learn more. We always offer non-contract services, trusting that if we do our job well and serve our clients with the service they seek, we will retain our customers year in and year out. Check out our client’s testimonials or contact us to learn more with our free, one-on-one consultation.

“Never knew how much accepting Credit Cards could change our business.
After 20 years in business a contracting company decided to accept Credit Cards. The owner recently shared with us ‘I did not realize how many people love to use their credit cards.’ It has helped our business in many ways!”
T.C.Stucco Company

~ Mary Ann

PS Remember, if you know what you want…make it happen. Time matters since your season will be in full swing soon!