What You May Have Missed

As we do every year, we look back on what went well and maybe what didn’t. Here is a summary of what you may have missed with the hope that this information and advice will help you to have even better year ahead.

Sure, generative AI has been all the rage, and everyone is talking about it. We are, too. These are other topics that affect small and medium businesses; they are also evolving and should be considered.

Payment Alternatives

With a lot of debate about cashless payments and controlling expenses, we explored offering other options. Be sure to review Accounts Receivables and be ready to close out your books and collect payments.

Partnerships that can help you grow

From banks, to accounting professionals and even web developers, the consultants and advisors you use should be able to work together.

Things That Keep You Up At Night

13 Scaries – the things that can happen in your business…not just during Halloween, but anytime of the year. Be proactive and prevent them in the future.

PCI non-compliance and failed scans should no longer be something to worry about in your business – set it up right the first time and get the help you need.

Outdated Systems that Need Attention

QuickBooks sunsetting, high POS expenses, support being discontinued and more, it may be time for a change. Look at your statements and review chargebacks to make sure you are not paying more than you should.

What You May Have Missed

Setting your business up for success in the New Year is at your fingertips. What you may have missed can still help. Remember too, our team is here for you when needed. Schedule a free one-on-one to discuss your plans and get the answers to your questions. Happy New Year – make it a great one!