What You Don’t Know About Credit Card Security CAN Cost You

2011 provided a lesson in just how difficult it is to maintain security on a website…and to keep your clients’ credit card information on that site secure.

Companies like Citi Corp., Sony Playstation, PBS, Fox, the FBI affiliate Infragard, and the makers of SecurID all had their websites hacked…and the credit card information behind them was compromised on some level.

And 2012 is getting off to a roaring start with Zappos being hacked.

Any of these security breaches caused their customers to be concerned and the companies scrambled to resolve the problem and maintain their customer base.

The worst ramification for some was heavy fines from Visa/MasterCard. The bottom line is it cost all of them money to recover…but it cost some of them far less because their credit card processing was more secure. They understood one simple fact…

Security for your website is completely separate than the security you must provide for your clients’ credit card information. Are you aware of the difference between the two? Are you absolutely certain you clients’ credit information is as secure as it possibly can be on your website or anywhere else? Do you know which information is the key to actually allowing someone to use your clients’ information if they do manage to steal it? Do you feel that your company would never be bothered by hackers? Please, think again!

At TransAct, we will help you know exactly which information needs to be secured and how best to do it. We are proactive, not reactive. We believe in educating you before problems arise and in continuing education and training, allowing you to be as knowledgeable about your credit card processing security as possible.

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