What Can Your POS Do For You

What can your POS do for you and your business?

Ideally, it can automate a lot of activities that do not contribute to your bottom line and can help you receive payments easily, report important data for you to review and allows you to reconnect with clients and customers without skipping a beat.

Setting aside the problem in last week’s blog, most POS systems have a lot of automation that allow you to do all of those things (and more), and do so efficiently and effectively.


A POS system should help you take in payments from your clients, whether you are in your place of business, or on site at a client’s location. There is no need to be tied to a front counter anymore. Mobile based POS systems allow a company to serve their customer right where they are – and even medical offices are doing this now – taking payment from the patient in a consultation room making it more private, comfortable and secure for everyone.


A POS system should give you a lot of good data. From critical bookkeeping and accounting information – which can be integrated with your QuickBooks® – to timely reports of daily sales, weekly and monthly trend analysis that help you manage the business. This isn’t a “nice to have” feature anymore. It is absolutely essential to success in the coming months and years.


Most POS systems have an integrated CRM of some sort, whether it is tied to the receipt process, or allows for customized loyalty and bounce back messaging on invoices and receipts. You want to be sure to stay top of mind and outreach to clients and customers, via e-mail or even text (done properly – allowing for unsubscribing) is critical.

If your POS system doesn’t do all of these things, it might be time to reconsider what you are using. The more you know about your POS and staying ahead of the game is easier with the right tools, but playing catch-up is going to get more difficult if you don’t take advantage of what is out there today.

Really, with the advent of tools that are easy to set up, install and integrate (and a resource like TransAct at your disposal) there is no reason to wait. Set aside time to talk with us soon. We can help.