What Back To School Should Mean To You and Your Business – 4 Simple Ideas for Fall

What back to school should mean to you and your business – 4 simple ideas for fall that can help make the customer relationship even better.

By now, most of the areas of the country have completed their transition from summer into the season of school. If you are a Back To School centric business, your marketing for this big event is likely to be over, like it is for Staples, Target and Office Max. However, if you are a service provider who works with kids and or their parents all through the year, there are some simple things you can implement to make the customer relationship even better. These are the things that can be game changers for you, if you are the one to adopt before your competition.

Let’s face it, you need to make it easy for busy parents to maintain their kid’s crazy schedules is (or should be) high on the list.  

What should you do next?

1) Simplify the check in and check out process. (Your staff will love it.)

2) Set up monthly recurring payments. (This makes it easier for you, too.)

3) E-mail reminders for payments due, accept payments via click to pay or secure payment portals right on your website. (Never miss a beat.)

4) Add a POS System with built in CRM and scheduling with online booking, appointment reminders and streamlined payments. (Making planning, staff allocation and payment processing easier and automated.)

No matter what you need for your business, the right tools can really help keep your clients engaged, paying their fees when due and overall, saving them valuable time and effort. These are the simple things that keep busy parents coming back, month after month for tutoring, music lessons, after school enrichment, dance class, counseling, soccer, karate, vocal lessons, science lab, private coaching…anything and everything they’re doing this year. Whew, these kids (and their parents) are busy!

No wonder they need help…be the one to help them first.

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