We Love Creating Strategies to Increase Revenue

TransAct is dedicated to our clients…and we love creating strategies to increase revenue. We are focused on helping companies improve cash flow and reduce accounts receivables.

In the last 9 months, we have established revenue improvement strategies for clients that have increased revenue collections by 400% – whether it was closing the loop on old accounts receivables or making it simpler and easier for customers to pay for products and services.

Here are the top payment processes to have in place today. All involve a combination of digital solutions, back office management and traditional merchant processing that are easy to use, quick to implement and offer time savings.

Ways to Increase Revenue

Crafting the perfect offering for each of our clients is what we do. We evaluate and establish best practices that are secure and PCI and HIPAA compliant.

TransAct has a wide variety of financial tools, from cutting-edge technology in digital payment methods to traditional payment processing tools.

  • Text to Pay
  • E-Checks
  • E-mail a secure payment link
  • Pay via EFT
  • Bluetooth cardreaders on a mobile device
  • Contactless POS Systems and terminals
  • Merchant Services integration with QuickBooks

We know there is continued financial stress on owners and leadership teams; either you are struggling to cover overhead and keep your doors open, or you are busier than ever, yet required to do more which adds overhead costs.

We know companies need to bring in revenue now. We act quickly to implement and train on new solutions that preserve financial stability, reduce payment processing time, and help collect outstanding A/R payments.

Contact us today to get a run through of the options suited for your business, whether you are in the home-services, trade construction, professional, medical, retail or restaurant industry. We love our clients and are dedicated to your success.