4 Ways TransAct is Helping Small Businesses Now

The last six months have been unprecedented for  businesses in a wide variety of industries – from the way they work and support their customers – to the way they bring in revenues. Here are 4 Ways TransAct is Helping Small Businesses Now – and has been helping for the last six months – to increase revenues, decrease overhead and grow in spite of COVID-19.

Looking back July 2020 verses July 2019, we can measure how we helped some businesses decrease payment turn around time while increasing same month revenues by 100% or more.

If you would like to know ways we can support your small, medium or large-scale business, contact us today and read more below to think about some of the options you may want to consider.

First and foremost, we created more affordable digital payment options that were easier to access through the suite of TransAct services. These are available to both existing and new clients. These methods include e-check, e-credit card, EFT, e-invoice and more. All of these payment processes are contactless and allow small business owners to add options for payments by customers. Customers are able to pay for products and services without worry.

Second, we help brick and mortar business owners from retailers, to restaurants and from medical to professional service providers add e-commerce and online shopping or payment options to their website. This not only allows their customers to continue to shop, while in lock down, or under stay at home restrictions, giving the business a way to stay PCI compliant, too.  This eliminates the need (and the temptation) to write down credit card numbers during a phone order and later keying the payment into the POS system. It also reduces staff overhead needed to take phone orders and we have seen transaction amounts go up by 50% – or more – over prior in-person purchases for our clients.

Third, when measures that restricted normal business operations appeared that they would continue  longer, we held back on billing annual PCI service fees. We did this for two reasons:

1) to give business owners more time to complete their audits and establish their compliance to the security standards; and,

2) to allow businesses to recover from springtime losses, or declines in revenues.

Fourth, we started offering Q/R code payment via smart phone for business owners who still wanted more ways to add contactless payment options for their customers. With the Q/R code, the payment link is a direct way to send customers to a secure online payment portal to pay their invoice, set up recurring payments and receive confirmation of payment for services and products.

We have been working one on one with clients to establish new methods that work for each business, in a wide variety of industries. Schedule a quick call with us today to see how we can help you grow, too.