Use Your POS Data To Look Back

It’s that time of the year when most business owners are looking forward to what is next. Making plans. Preparing to be even better next year. Being able to use your POS data to look back is a tremendous advantage. From analysis of sales, trends and inventory usage, pulling the information from the POS system into QuickBooks can save you time and money.

Sales Trends Can Predict the Future

Being able to see the changing and trending items or categories of products enable you to better predict both staffing and inventory needs. What is selling better holds the opportunity to look at why.

  • Is it priced lower than other items?
  • Did you promote it?
  • Could you raise the price to improve the margin?
  • Should you eliminate the item or bundle it to make even more?

If you are not able to look into these reasons with your current POS then it is time to look at an update, upgrade or system replacement.

Easy Inventory Tracking with a POS System

Making inventory tracking easier is a common need when updating a POS System. Old methods of receiving statements and hand updating the items is a task that is no longer needed. Choosing a robust POS System that is better suited to your current needs is essential to the future.

Adding the option to include inventory depletion and what is available to buy, makes both retail and restaurant management seamless, streamlined and efficient. This not only saves staff time and money, but virtually eliminates disappointment in customers who try to buy something, only to find that it is out of stock.

Making Accounting Easier with Your POS System

Easier accounting starts with bookkeeping practices. The better they are, the less time and energy is spent on accounting and reconciliation. If you already use QuickBooks, then you should connect the two systems with integration to eliminate double entries, time and energy.

Then, running timely reports will give you insights into your business to make intelligent and strategic decisions.

Are you able to use your POS data to look back?

If the answer is no, then we should talk. There is so much more to having a POS system then just transacting sales and calculating taxes and tips. Be able to make decisions for your business that can impact the future positively, helping you make more and save on expenses.