Trends We See Making a Big Impact on Business in 2020

There are many trends we see making a big impact on business in 2020 and for the launch of this new decade. Some of our clients have already moved into proactive changes for the future of financial services in their businesses.

Read more to learn what you might want to consider for your business and remember that each business is unique. Today’s solutions are customizable to suit each businesses unique needs. One size fits all is no longer the answer. Don’t settle for less.

1- Reduce processing expenses by adding EFT and ACH payments on invoices.

2- Integrate the accounting and bookkeeping side of your business with QuickBooks®.

3- Add text to pay and e-mail to pay invoices.

4- Mitigate security risk adding access controls with unique log ins for team members from two and up.

5- Go mobile to allow both you and your team to accept payments from the road, away from the front desk, in their office or home – where ever clients and customers are.

6- Eliminate the percentage processing and add a service fee (where allowable by law) to reduce your overhead on payments made to your business.

7- Security protocols to reduce risk, go the extra step in PCI compliance and protect your data as well as client and customer info.

8- Set up recurring monthly billing for clients who pay the same amount each month for personal care services:

  • childcare
  • after school enrichment
  • tutoring
  • medical
  • therapy
  • counseling

9- Automate payments for home services that you and your team provide:

  • landscaping
  • lawn care
  • pest control
  • housekeeping
  • gutter cleaning
  • painting (break down payments into budget-friendly amounts)

Mix and match what works for your business and add the next generation of features to make sure that you are adding loyalty, reducing expenses, mitigating risk and improving cash flow.

These solutions are ready for you and your business as you enter the Twenties. Reach out to us to learn more.