TransActing Business In Person and Virtually

It is still a decision to be made, but we are happy to be TransActing business in person and virtually as we continue to grow and adapt.

We were able to visit with many clients this past week in person and reconnect at an annual conference that was, indeed, amazing. Of course, not everyone was able to be there, but we were so happy to be able to get off of a video conference call and actually shake hands, fist bump, and wave from across the table depending on what the other person was comfortable doing.

Adapting to business in these last two years is something that we have become not only good at – but great at – doing.

Business must go on and here are some reminders of the latest innovations that have allowed our client’s TransActions to continue to keep up and even grow.

Digital and Mobile Payments

Text2Pay and pay by Q/R code are the two that are at the top of our recommendations as they take advantage of mobile technology that everyone is comfortable using – whether it is in a restaurant, a retail shop, or from the comfort of home after a service provider completes work on the property.

Online payments and email to pay, via credit card or e-check, also make the top of the digital payment list.

Restaurants have added options for customers to pay from their table, easing the labor constraints that have become prevalent, too.

Online Ordering and Scheduling

Integrating your POS System to allow for easy, inexpensive online purchases is next on the hotlist. Many of our clients upgraded or replaced their systems to be able to integrate their normal operation to accept remote ordering.

Again, this helped not only restaurants but retailers and service-based businesses as well, who have been able to consolidate some of the work effort to take an order, schedule a client, or book and complete the work. With the reduction of in-person interactions, clients were still able to process TransActions, support customers, and bring in revenue while being as efficient as possible – even more efficient than ever before.

Online Security and PCI Compliance

Finally, one of the big topics for this year, and one that will continue to be ever-present is the concern of security. Upgrading systems, replacing outdated technology, pushing through the recommended software upgrades (when prompted) are all ways to maintain the utmost in security.

Keeping your business safe from hackers, completing the necessary PCI scans and audits, as well as following best practices is essential.

So, whether you are able to see your customers in person, or you deliver goods and services in a remote, contactless way, there are new options to consider and you should choose to implement. Keeping up with the industry is more important than ever.

We are happy to review with you anything on your mind whether related to one of these hot topics for this year, to revisit training for your team, or to address other things you would like to implement in your business this year. We’d love to see you, and can’t wait to be together again!

Call us today or schedule a 20-minute consult to connect and review what you’re thinking.