TransAct POS System

Top 10 Reasons to Change Your POS

Looking to update and enhance your business? Here are our top 10 reasons to change your POS.

Whether you have a retail store, or own a restaurant, there are many new features that have been made available. Often you can’t adopt all of the new bells and whistles if your POS System is too old, or doesn’t meet the needs of your business today. But, if you can just update your POS with software and hardware, that is a win-win.

We are looking toward the new year. If you are considering ways to save money, improve sales and improve customer loyalty, these ideas hit our top 10.

Top 10 Updates to a POS System

    1. Adding self-service kiosk ordering stations
    2. Connecting to QuickBooks online
    3. Ability to audit inventory (for both retail stores and restaurant, this helps address shrink, waste, loss and write offs)
    4. Direct integration with 3rd party delivery services (eliminate the extra tablets!)
    5. Adding multiple locations
    6. Availability for flexibility and growth through technology and innovations
    7. Gift card integration (share redemption over multiple locations)
    8. Comprehensive reporting (customizable dashboard to see real-time results!)
    9. Reconciliation improvements (eliminate extraneous challenges with bookkeeping – reduce entries from the POS and Merchant Services companies)
    10. Free consultation to interface with the POS company

Small businesses should consider that these changes can help to improve cash flow, reduce expenses, increase loyalty and eliminate security risk. When you make a decision to update your POS, you may want to review your options.

Take a look at the list, decide what might be most important to your business. Then, reach out to schedule a quick call. We can review your top features and help you review other options that might work better for you and your business.